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Funding opportunities for Smart and Sustainable industries

14:00 - 17:00

DesignLab, building The Gallery, University of Twente

Eastern-Netherlands Industry fit for the Future!

The world is in anticipation of a fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is driven by giant leaps in ICT innovation and promises to radically alter the face of industry in the coming decades. Automated production systems using advanced robotics increasingly communicate with each other on detailed aspects of production, joining up hitherto fragmented manufacturing processes. By linking all steps in the value chain, a world of possibilities opens for companies, old and new.

To stimulate these possibilities, a wide range of funding instruments is available to assure the participation of a broad coalition of companies, knowledge institutions and governments in these developments.

Today’s session is about opportunities to fund your research & innovation activities in the field of Smart and Sustainable industries

Programme of the session:


Opening by dr. Timo Meinders, business director Faculty Engineering Technology University of Twente

14.10 – 15.30h

Pitches by experts on various funding instruments (Marieke Hofste/PdEng programme,Gerben van der Wal /FME/BOOST,  Hans Bosch/RVO/H2020 NMBP, Biba Visnjicki/Fraunhofer project center, Devrim Yazan/UT/IEBIS)

15.30 – 17.00h  

Marketplace: enjoy a drink and a snack while interacting with the experts,connecting  to the other visitors and driving business.

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